E Ticketing Training

E Ticketing Training in Nepal

E-Ticketing Training nepalGateway Institute provide E-Ticketing Training in Nepal. Electronic Ticket or E-Ticket is a digital ticket, most commonly associated with airline issued tickets. Electronic ticketing in the airline industry was devised in about 1994 by Joel R. Goheen that has largely replaced the older multi-layered paper ticketing systems.


This has several merits against the Manual (Paper) Ticket: including cost control of paper, automatic operation, multiple copy prints, universality of Code, global access to ticket stock and Commonality in tickets.

E-ticketing (i.e. electronic Ticketing) was introduced by IATA in 2007 for Travel Agencies in Nepal, to reduce the Airlines’ expenses on issuing paper (manual) tickets.

E Ticket

  • No problem in lost of E ticket
  • Easy to deliver
  • Cost saving
  • Electronic ticketing is sometime called “ticket-less travel”.
  • E Ticket are digital record of a booking that exist only in the computer.
  • An E Ticket only cost USD1.0 to process, compared with USD10.00 for a paper ticket. Overall, e –ticketing can save the industry up to 3 billion US dollars a year.
  • E ticketing is not entirely paperless.