Welcome to Gateway Institute for Airlines Ticketing Training

Gateway Institute was incorporated in Sep 2, 2007 AD by the enthusiastic travel and tourism professionals so as to lead in the sectors of providing qualitative and professional travel and tourism education, Airlines Ticketing Training. The company is developing as the first and foremost choice institution for imparting the knowledge, skills and aptitude to the young graduates so as to enable them to lead the future Nepal as tourism experts.

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Gateway is a pioneer institute in Kathmandu, Nepal established to foster the expertise of the hospitality sector to the aspiring learners. We have set a goal to be No one Institute of Travel and Tourism in Nepal and have been promoting our businesses in the same line. We have heavily invested for developing the courses and designing the academic paraphernalia, delivering the effective training and hence acquired excellence in developing the highly competent travel professionals.

Airlines Ticketing Training

Airlines Ticketing is all about booking and issuance of Air Tickets ensuring a hassle free, safe, scheduled and well-managed journey. IATA has recently eased the procedures of issuing tickets electronically. This has broadened the avenue of hospitality, has offered the ticketing options through online at every corners of the globe, has given new rays of hope to young learners and made it possible to coordinate all the airlines through a single channel.

Airlines Ticketing Training depicts the transfer of knowledge, skills and aptitude to the new professionals so as to make them competent to analyze the permutation and combination of the airlines. It has henceforth made it easy to issue the e-tickets and use of the common platforms as GDS. As the influx of foreignairlines ticketing training tourists is growing in Nepal, and the outflow of Nepalese people is also gaining momentum, the need of competent travel partners, i.e. Travel agencies and travel consultants is growing day by day.

Training of Airlines Ticketing is none other than training about the Airlines Ticketing System or popularly Global Distribution System (the GDS), which assembles the major air carriers under a single networks of IATA.